Csulb graduation writing assessment requirement

Graduate students who have previously 1 received a degree from an accredited college or university in the United States; or 2 received a degree from an accredited non-US institution located in a country where English is a primary language of communication; or 3 received a score of 4 or higher on the analytical writing portion of the Graduate Record Exam GRE or the Graduate Management Admissions Test GMAT are exempt from the GWAR.

Students must meet with a GWAR advisor to release these registration holds.

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A new GWAR policy was adopted in Springand under this new policy all students are required to complete a writing placement test and the appropriate GWAR pathway based on the score received on that test. Undergraduate students must attempt the GPE when they have achieved between cumulative units, and transfer students shall complete the GPE preferably before they enroll at CSULB, but no later than their first semester of enrollment.

It is imperative for timely degree completion that students make steady progress toward fulfilling the GWAR. Students who attempted the WPE once prior to Fall may attempt the placement test a second time or enroll in an appropriate GWAR course and submit a portfolio for assessment.

Information about these workshops, the WPE workbook, and related services is available at BH or at www. Before you leave the writing center, feel free to make a follow-up appointment at the front desk. Students with compelling reasons can request deferrals at Testing, Evaluation and Assessment, BH The tutor will offer advice and support, but will not write or edit the paper for you.

Transfer students are urged to attempt the placement test in the summer prior to their enrollment at CSULB but are required to take the GPE in their first semester of enrollment.

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Registration may be prevented for students not complying with timely completion of the GWAR requirement. It is imperative for timely degree completion that students make steady progress on fulfilling the requirements of the GWAR.

These students must enroll in an appropriate pathway course each semester until they are deemed ready to take the General Education writing intensive capstone course or they have satisfied the GWAR.

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GWAR Guidelines for Students