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Some of your personal funeral wishes may not be for the general public. They can also help you to minimize the tax implications of your estate, leaving more for your loved ones.

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Sound mind means that you do not suffer from an impairment that affects your ability to understand what you are doing. They are an expression of your wishes, but they do not have the same legal rigour as a Last Will and Testament. All from the comfort of your home. What happens if you die without making a Will? Hopefully, not too much time will have passed that the assets have started to disappear. Your funeral wishes do not have to be signed in the presence of two witnesses, and can be updated at any time, and you can even make handwritten updates. But unless there is some reason why the person that you have appointed in your Will is unwilling or unable to act, then they will almost certainly be appointed the guardian to your children. If you need to update the document to reflect any changes in your personal situation, you can simply login to your account, make the change and then download the new Will. Include a Residual Clause Write a paragraph about how you want any remainder of your estate divided by your beneficiaries after your specific bequeaths. Making an appointment with a lawyer, particularly for working professionals, it often cited as the main barrier to making a Will. It is very important that every word in your will be in your own handwriting. After you have passed away, your Executor should take the document to your local probate court, where it is accepted as your Will, and filed with the courts. All of these documents can be created at LegalWills. Or your chosen guardian has recently had triplets of their own and can no longer add more children to their family.

You should not include a list of assets in the Will itself. In general, we recommend that the witnesses have absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the Will. If you have no parents, then your entire estate will be divided between your brothers and sisters.

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All of these documents can be created at LegalWills. In reality what happens is that if neither parent is available, then a judge at the family courts will appoint a guardian. By the time this is done, your funeral would likely have already taken place. A word on Joint Wills Although it is legally possible to create a joint Will with one document serving two people, it is not supported at LegalWills.

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