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When people think of a hero, they think of a superman, or spiderman, types of heroes. As it started getting better, things took a turn for the worse. It is human nature, a way to learn. Many leaders after him have tried to complete what Alexander set out to do and could not even come close. Alexander was many things, he was a prince, a king, a general, and much more.

Despite Alexander the Great slaughtered lots of people while he conquered other countries, Alexander the Great is a hero because he unified a big piece of land and helped the Greeks to conquer Persia took revenge while successfully spreading the Greek culture to other people.

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There have been the great and the weak. Alexander the Great was born. The existence of Alexander the Great significantly impacted history and spread knowledge throughout the ancient civilizations as he conquered more and more territory His soldiers would have followed him on a charge into Hell, but the only reason he was so successful was that his enemies were so pitiful.

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Essay A Brief Biography of Alexander the Great