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Display your sense of humor You won't get hired solely for your ability to make someone laugh, but emphasizing something a little lighter—like Tina's icon about coffee or her note about Comic Sans—helps you convey that you won't be a wallflower at the office happy hour. This makes it easy for the recruiter to quickly skim your resume and see if you are the right person. A timeline infographic resume template is a great way to showcase your professional growth. Start by picking an image for your border. Do the squint test Created by: Justin Schueler When you finished your resume print it out, hang it on the wall, take a few steps back, and squint your eyes. By using elements that literally pop out at you, this highly original resume dares to step beyond the limits of current flat design trends. People create an infographic resume to showcase their job experience in creative, outside-the-box ways. As you use a traditional resume as a marketing document to sell your skills and highlight relevant work experience, adding an infographic can help you stand out even more. Easy peasy. Wisely chosen accent colors and font combinations also make for a visually appealing piece and an enjoyable read.

Try to match the desired skills with your own. Infographic resumes are an attention-grabbing marketing tool that tell a career path by using images.

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Job seekers can hand their infographic resume to a potential employer and immediately capture their attention. Most visual resumes include at least one graphical element—Alexander Ray Boren's below includes a few. You can make your points visual with several features, including: A timeline. You might think that infographic resumes are strictly the terrain of graphic designers and illustrators looking to stand out from the competition, but the truth is that it can work for any type of professional. By Eugene Woo , Oct 15, Have you ever applied for a job online by sending your resume and never heard back from the hiring manager? Not only do you stand out with a creative resume, but you can use creative infographic to highlight the most important aspects that you want employers to see. Wisely chosen accent colors and font combinations also make for a visually appealing piece and an enjoyable read.

Think about the main sections your resume must have. Tell a good story In the same way that a good infographic usually has a kind of thesis statement, your infographic resume can illustrate a narrative as well.

An infographic resume can follow any design you want, really, but keep in mind that above all else, your design and the content must be focused.

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Infographic resumes are not for everyone, however, and sometimes a traditional resume will be more appropriate, depending on the situation. Skills and strengths — List your areas of expertise.

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For example, companies in the tech industry tend to use sleek, sans serif fonts. Infographic resumes also come in handy at in-person networking events. Make sure to prioritize! This infographic, for example, ingeniously resorts to a single theme that guided the content and layout of the entire resume. Excel at Excel Bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs, oh my! Think About The Role and The Industry How much or little text you use will depend on the industry and the type of job that you are applying for. Then, adjust the opacity of the icon so the header image shows through. Try to match the desired skills with your own. If done right, this approach can endear you to more than one recruiter out there. Skills and strengths — List your areas of expertise.

One of its weak points, though, is the use of a bar chart that makes the reader work more—instead of less--to decipher it by using a separate, and unnecessary, color legend.

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Infographic Resume Templates [13 Examples to Download & Use Now]