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Explore the site to find out what technology class is all about. My mission is to ensure a dynamic and creative learning environment through seamless integration of technology.

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These resources offer information that align with the curriculum and provide safe, fun links for students to explore. On my end I vow to be fair and consistent. I also continually focus on Digital Citizenship topics and Internet Safety. You may have to apply yourself in new ways. They should be able to prepare readings, with appropriate intonation to show their understanding, and should be able to summarise and present a familiar story in their own words. I work with each grade level, as well as related arts teachers, to create activities related to the content your children are learning in their classroom. I hope you are ready to learn a lot about the living world around us. Remember, someone who never made mistakes has never tried anything new. Other Sites.

I love to teach. This is accomplished by infusing what students are learning in their other classes with technology skills and concepts. It's going to be awesome. Not only have I taught science in Clay County for the past fifteen years to students in 8th through 12th grade I truly hope you enjoy this class.

I expect every single one of my students to apply themselves.

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I absolutely love my subject area and can't wait to dig in! Other Sites. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Biology! I expect every one of my students to not only pass biology this year, but reach their full potential!

Every time your child comes to technology class they can have a different experience.

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