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During his tenure of office, railways were laid, mines opened, telegraph service installed, merchant ships built, industries started and new-style schools set up. Taking into account the prevailing situation on both sides of the Straits, the Chinese Government has proposed that pending reunification the two sides should, according to the principle of mutual respect, complementarity and mutual benefit, actively promote economic cooperation and other exchanges. Therefore, the Taiwan question should not be placed on a par with the situation of Germany or Korea. The two countries held sessions of talks at ambassadorial level from August to February State-run airlines of countries having diplomatic relations with China certainly must not operate air services to Taiwan. Coexistence of two systems. In recent years the Taiwan authorities have vigorously launched a campaign of ''pragmatic diplomacy'' to cultivate official ties with countries having diplomatic relations with China in an attempt to push ''dual recognition'' and achieve the objective of creating a situation of ''two Chinas'' or ''one China, one Taiwan''. The Chinese people were compelled to respond with a people's liberation war which was to last more than three years under the leadership of the Communist Party. This was the historical fact of how Taiwan, like the other parts of China, came to be opened up and settled by the Chinese people of various nationalities.

They talk about the necessity of a reunified China, but their deeds are always a far cry from the principle of one China. From the very beginning the Taiwan society derived from the source of the Chinese cultural tradition.

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Many claim that Japanese sovereignty only terminated at that point. The Taiwan authorities' lobbying for a formula of ''one country, two seats'' in international organizations whose membership is confined to sovereign states is a manoeuvre to create ''two Chinas''.

However, official PRC media outlets and officials often refer to Taiwan as "China's Taiwan Province " or simply " Taiwan, China ", and pressure international organizations to use the term.

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They were reluctant to approve large or regular arms deals to Taiwan, out of fear of angering Beijing, preferring to bundle medium-size deals that were only approved when they wanted to send a message that they were displeased with China.

Main article: History of Taiwan Taiwan excluding Penghu was first populated by Austronesian people and was colonized by the Dutch, who had arrived in A group of military and political officials of the Kuomintang clique took refuge in Taiwan and, with the support of the then U.

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Since the Kuomintang clique had already been spurned by the people of all nationalities for its reign of terror, the government of the "Republic of China" in Nanjing was finally overthrown by the Chinese people.

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Taiwan's Status Is a Geopolitical Absurdity