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You probably already have a keen sense of how true this is. Its Crazy. Again, being around for two years longer is a big advantage when it comes to things like documentation, but you definitely have to be impressed by the docs that Thesis offers.

So you would need to stick with the Thesis SEO option. Support One of the most important factors in choosing a framework to work with is the support that stands behind it. This enables you to create absolutely any kind of template for absolutely any page on your website.

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You can determine the exact placement without have to write a single line of code. Considering your plans and objectives, you can choose one of the following three packages:. Premium Themes for Thesis 2. Place these styles in your custom. In fact, most of the font size on the site seems to be pretty close to the same size by default. My one major complaint here is that Thesis is still sticking to this archaic post image system. The same can be said for Chris Pearson.

Combine this tip with the last one about removing hooks, and you could kill the Thesis navbar altogether and replace it with your own hand-coded nav!

And more importantly, this means you need to make sure your site is fast. Size refers to the size of your font.

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The total page download for the Genesis homepage under this setup is Having an additional style sheet would be a welcomed addition. Blogskin Features:. Brian Gardner and Co. You need simplicity. Need to add custom page templates? This concept ensures that even a proven WordPress programmer correctly understands how the individual components function and are used only after a certain period of training time — a fact that has already drawn some criticism. Thesis As I said, the Thesis system involves a custom folder contained within the main Thesis folder…not a separate theme. This is a useful feature for non-tech users, now they can easily upload the thesis box or package to add a new function to their websites. Every box, which you can easily drag-and-drop to the layout of your page in the visual template editor, expands your project by the respective function.

Considering the two years of established development history, and the game-changing developments in Thesis 1.

In Thesis 1.

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I have never seen something like this in any other theme frameworks. You also get a framework that is blazing fast and built with SEO and content consumption in mind. Talk about game changing.

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