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You can make any topic interesting, of course, but if you want to give yourself a break, stay away from these potential losers: Listing accomplishments.

There are other ways to stand out without compromising your intelligence.

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Writing in an authentic voice does not mean scribbling down some stream-of-consciousness thoughts 24 hours before the application deadline. Students know how to be creative. Instead of giving a general description of the internship and his conflicts, he opened the essay with a vivid description of what he saw when he first arrived, and used this scene to frame the feelings of alienation he underwent — giving the reader a striking image of his experience in great detail. Avoid if possible. Maybe a breakup feels like the biggest hardship you have faced thus far, or perhaps you think the way you supported your 10th grade girlfriend during her science competition seems like a great metaphor for how you plan to support your university community. The breakup A lot like dating a bad boy, this essay tempts you. Try to isolate a small moment within the larger story that was significant or surprising. If you want to be just like your dad, when did you realize this? The more time that you dedicate to your essay, the better the product will be.

Everyone knows how an athletic story will play out, regardless of the story or the sport. Similarly, one topic you should never write about in your college essay is romantic relationships.

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Activity Essay In this essay, students write about an extracurricular activity or community service project that was especially meaningful to them.

Pull at our heartstrings no longer!

Too common college essay topics

Although a story you convey in one of your essays may be funny, do not try to be funny—there is a difference. Although we all have different relationships with the people we admire, essays on this subject often veer off the narrative cliff into an ocean of similar sob stories. The un-essay. Showing, not telling, is the key to writing a unique and engaging volunteering essay. Show the admissions folks who you are, not who you think they want you to be. Students know how to be creative. Learn about my in-person and online tutoring, editing, workshops, books, and online courses, Over-the-top humor can also be a risk, but a well-placed joke or two is okay if it reflects your personality. Successful Essay Topics A successful essay will reveal something about you that the admissions reader may not have already known, and will show how you interact with family and friends and demonstrate your beliefs or explore your passions. If you, too, have been changed by your community service, you are not alone. Arrests or jail time.

Telling a simple story that is specific to your own life and experience will make all the difference here. The same goes for trying to be creative and responding with one word, one sentence, or a poem.

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Maybe you have a book in which you strongly relate to one of the characters. An essay about one's shyness or love of crafts can be far more effective than one about a humanitarian trip to Haiti if the former comes from the heart and the latter was half-hearted effort to impress the admissions folks.

He was really into piano and lacrosse, but he wanted his essay to sound off the beaten path and unique.

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The essay or essays is a great way to learn more about an applicant, her motivations, life experiences, and how she can contribute to the campus community. Yes, you read that right; she actually grew up in a wolf rehabilitation community. Successful Essay Topics A successful essay will reveal something about you that the admissions reader may not have already known, and will show how you interact with family and friends and demonstrate your beliefs or explore your passions. Fortunately, colleges will think the same thing about you if you decide to incorporate your love of literature into your essay. Instead, some colleges, like Georgetown University , choose to include a variation of this essay among their supplements by asking students to discuss an activity and its significance to their life or course of study. And find even more college essay advice in our Application Essay Clinic. Applicants often choose to write about these subjects because they THINK the resulting essays present the kinds stories admissions officers want to read. In the right context and in the hands of a masterful writer, any one of these topics could be transformed into a winning college admissions essay. If it comes out naturally in your essay, great.

Elizabeth Hoyt August 20, The college essay is tough. Arrests or jail time.

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The Best and Worst Topics for a College Application Essay